Strange Critters

A few strange critters I ran into hiking

Starting with the disclaimers, I'm not a photographer nor much of a naturalist.  As a story teller, I love photography and hate snapshots.  My hypocrisy justifies the photos below as "documentation" which also serves as my excuse for their quality or lack there of.  I'm an avid hiker because I love covering terrain.  I do love to look at all the flora and fauna as I hike, I just know very little about it.  So I'm making no claims that anything is special.

Over the last few months of hiking I've run into a few strange critters and snapped some pretty crappy photos of them with my phone.  Anyone have any ideas what these are?

Here's an oversize centipede-like bug found on Ridge Road in Big Basin.  It's hard to see, you might want to open the full sized image and zoom in.

Very Large Centipede Like Bug

I also ran across a couple of small brown snakes or worms.  They were dead when I found them.  I don't know if these are the same critter or not.

Small Brown SnakeSmall Brown Snake 2

This spider was so remarkable.  Unfortunately, the picture came out blurry.  Sorry!

Spider with Remarkable Coloring

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