Spaces in User Names and psvn.el

Handling SVN user names with spaces in emacs’ svn-status.

I recently started on a project using svnserve's --tunnel-user option where many of the committers have user names with spaces.  Much to my chagrin, my beloved svn-status in emacs choked on those user names un able to tell where the user name ended and the filename began.

Then I found a comment in the current version of psvn.el detailing how to work around this.  Just be sure you have the current version on your load-path and add something like the following to your ~/.emacs:

(setq svn-user-names-including-blanks '(\"feng shui\" \"mister blank\"))
(add-hook 'svn-pre-parse-status-hook 'svn-status-parse-fixup-user-names-including-blanks)

Updated on 25 July 2008

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