White foxglove from East Ridge Road in Big Basin.

Starting with the disclaimers, I'm not a photographer nor much of a naturalist.  As a story teller, I love photography and hate snapshots.  My hypocrisy justifies the photos below as "documentation" which also serves as my excuse for their quality or lack there of.  I'm an avid hiker because I love covering terrain.  I do love to look at all the flora and fauna as I hike, I just know very little about it.  So I'm making no claims that anything is special.

At any rate, I noticed a flower I hadn't taken note of before and it kinda stuck in my head.  Later, I ran into Scott Peden and asked him about it since he definitely does know this kind of stuff.  He guessed foxglove from my description and was, of course, right.  The next time I passed them, I snapped a few pictures with my phone.

Here's another white one:

White Foxglove 2

Here's a bright purple one:

Purple Foxglove

And finally a more lavender one I ran across a little later:

Lavender Foxglove

Updated on 29 June 2008

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