Use test cases as zope.testing layers

The support for layers provided by zope.testing helps to lessen the amount of time consumed during test driven development by sharing expensive test fixtures, such as is often requires for functional test.  This package provides several well tested facilities to make writing and using layers faster and easier.

Layer authors often end up reproducing the functionality provided by their test case classes since the same functionality is needed to perform layer set up or tear down.  The collective.testcaselayer.ztc, collective.testcaselayer.ctc, and collective.testcaselayer.ptc modules provide layer base classes that mix in the test case functionality from ZopeTestCase, CMFTestCase, and PloneTestCase, respectively.  See the collective.testcaselayer.ztc, and collective.testcaselayer.ptc sections below (or ztc.txt and ptc.txt if reading this in the source) for more details.  These layer base classes also include the layer base class support from collective.testcaselayer.layer and the sandboxed ZODB layer support from collective.testcaselayer.sandbox described below.  Additionally, these modules allow for using the test case fixtures as layers themselves.

While class objects can be used as layers, as opposed to instances of classes, doing so means that it is not possible for a layer to subclass another layer *just* to re-use functionality without also depending on that layer being set up as well.  See the collective.testcaselayer.layer section below (or layer.txt if reading this in the source) for more details.

The DemoStorage included with the ZODB provides a way to "nest" ZODB stores such that all writes will go to the DemoStorage while reads will be taken from the base storage if not available from the DemoStorage.  The collective.testcaselayer.sandbox module uses this feature to associate a DemoStorage with each sandboxed layer to which set up changes are committed and restore the base storage on tear down.  Thus sibling layers that write to the ZODB can be isolated from each other.  See the collective.testcaselayer.sandbox section below (or sandbox.txt if reading this in the source) for more details.

See the PyPI page for more details.

Updated on 23 May 2008

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