Aerobie AeroPress

Who knew the best coffee maker would come from a toy company?

I resisted it for some time.  Becoming a coffee snob, that is.  But it's happened and it's time I acknowledged it.

One of my favorite baristas made the most peculiar recommendation for a coffee maker for home, the Aerobie Aeropress.  He warned me not to judge the book by its cover and he was right.  The only things that make better coffee are ~$10k espresso machines or the ~$10k Clover.  The AeroPress is only ~$35 and I don't need a barista's skill to make great coffee at home.  Wow, I sound like an ad.  Ok, but it's worth it just this once.  I keep finding myself wanting to pack it when I travel.  It's rediculous.

Seriously, if you like coffee at all, try it.  Pay no attention to the cheesy marketing, neither theirs nor mine.  :)

Updated on 24 May 2008

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