VPS: “We don’t assume you are stupid”

Excellent, affordable VPS service done in a way that feels very much like participating in an open-source community.

I just wanted to drop a quick note praising for their excellent and very affordable VPS service. Unfortunately, I had to change hosting providers for other reasons but would have been happy to stay with them indefinitely.

Their slogan is “We don’t assume you are stupid” and that’s very apt. There’s a combination of no hand-holding combined with support. The support is a particularly good part of their service. It’s generous but in a particular way that works very well for me. They’ll help you up with no real hierarchy or bureaucracy up to a limit that I think almost anyone who has participated significantly in an open-source project will find familiar. Beyond that, you’re on your own. I really like this balance and always found the lack of bureaucracy more than worth it for any relative lack of hand-holding.

At any rate, if you want an excellent and affordable VPS in the Bay Area, I can recommend no one better.

Updated on 04 February 2013

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