Plone Sprints East

I’m going to Plone Sprints East, a sprints event with a symposium thrown in for flavoring.

I just booked the flight and most of the lodging, so it’s official. I’m going to Plone Sprints East 2012. For those of you not, familiar, it’s over a week of sprints with two days of symposium talks thrown in for diversity. :-)

I have a room checking in on the 18th and checking out on the 25th at the Nittany Lion Inn with two double beds. Does anyone want to share the room? Also, that leaves the night of the 17th when I fly in and the night of the 25th before the last day of sprints. Does anyone have a couch, bit of floor, or a spare bed they’d be willing to let me use either of those nights?

Hope to see a lot of you there!

Updated on 16 March 2012

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