A grab bag of patches to GS and portal_quickinstaller

This package is my grab bag of patches to GS and portal_quickinstaller I use in my client work. It is unstable, unpolished, subject to my whim, and really should be experimental.gsqi. If, however, the same GenericSetup and portal_quickinstaller quirks and bugs bother you, or the same conveniences are of value to you, you might want to look at whats in it.

Also included are a number of perhaps naughty extensions to the CMF content import handler.

  • Permissive registrations of the StructureFolderWalkingAdapter so that folders under the profile’s “structure” folder with the same name as in the container’s .objects file can be used to import any kind of content object, not just folders. This allows, amongst other things, creating topics/collections and criteria on import.

  • Set arbitrary AT fields on import using the options under the [FIELDS] section of .properties as field names and the option values as field values. If field.multiValued is True, then the option value will be split on newlines and each value stripped.

  • Reindex imported objects so that imported titles, descriptions, and any other AT fields are reflected in the catalog and portal navigation after import.

  • Set local roles on import where each option under the [ROLES] section of .properties is the principal/user id and the roles assigned to that principal are taken from the option value split at newlines with each item stripped.

  • Do each workflow transition listed under the “transitions” option of the [DEFAULT] section of .properties. The option value is split at newlines with each item stripped.

  • Set display layout using the layout option in the [DEFAULT] section of .properties

Also included is GSML which allows implementing GS import handlers as you would implement ZCML directive handlers. Some import handlers are included in collective.gsqi that make use of GSML.

Updated on 23 August 2009

Imported from Plone on Mar 15, 2021. The date for this update is the last modified date in Plone.


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