Cioppino Sprint

I’m back home after the west coast sprint formerly known as the Tahoe sprint, is now on, and I can spell Cioppino without looking it up.

Last night I got home from the Cioppino Sprint in beautiful Bodega Bay, CA. Steve McMahon did an excellent putting arranging the sprint and got us a vacation house with a stunning view and a hot tub. Combine all this with a few great cooks and California fresh produce, we ate well, enjoyed the view and got a lot of coding done.

The sprint was focused on “achievable tasks that provide immediate wins for Plone-the-product or Plone-the-community”, meaning low-hanging fruit mostly on the site itself. With Limi, I took on merging the service providers site into itself. For my part, this involved:

  • updating Products.PloneServicesCenter to Plone 4 along other fixes, cleanup and improvements

  • exporting the content from the then importing it on

  • doing a few selective catalog updates

  • re-creating some content

  • setting up some content rules

Pretty easy stuff and it was mostly done by Friday. It was also the first time I got my hands on itself. Call me a fan-boy but I still get giddy when I get one step closer to the core of Plone, a project I was once totally on the outside of.

I also spent some time walking through the creation of a new custom AT content type with Bill and Spanky to see how hard it is to approach this task as a newcomer to Plone. I always enjoy helping get started and happily, Bill even posted his code to github.

Not to toot my own horn, but my mixology seems to have been a hit. My Manhattan was particularly popular and since Bill Deegan asked, here’s the recipe:

Cioppino Manhattan

1.5 oz      Buffalo Trace Bourbon (good bang for buck, not quite top-shelf)
1.5 oz      Carpano Antica Formula (really good sweet vermouth)
1-2 dashes  Blood Orange Bitters

Stir with lots of ice for a good while to melt plenty and mellow
out the cocktail.  Strain and serve.

In summary, the Cioppino Sprint was quite a success, I had a great time, and I very much hope it becomes an annual tradition!

Updated on 13 June 2011

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