Centralized Git-SVN mirror

For those of us using lots of “git svn clone”s, is any sort of central mirror worth it?

I do almost everything in git these days, so when the code I’m committing to lives in svn that means git-svn. The initial git svn clone can take quite a while, however. Using gitify can help such that you only need to git svn clone once for each project accross multiple buildouts/branches, but it’s maddening knowing that if it were just git, we’d be able to share the same clone across multiple users. So I’ve been wondering about options for git-svn mirrors for a while now.

I ran across this video on a “Planet …” feed of some sort recently describing what I’ve been looking for. This guy also has a lot of other good git-svn thoughts. I’m just not sure it’s worth it. I guess it all depends on how quickly people migrate to github or some such natively. If there’s any shared interest, leave a comment or email me. If there’s interest I’ll start a thread somewhere.

Updated on 12 September 2011

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