Plone lands on IIS!

Help me test a new GUI Plone install on Windows and IIS.

Just in time for the scariest night of the year, my Windows installer work based on the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) is finally ready to test. So PLEASE fire up your Windows VMs, try the Quick Start below and report what your experience is. Then take a look at the Known Issues and help with any of them if you can. In particular, any assistance getting the FCGI gateway to work under full IIS, not just IIS Express would be very helpful. You may also want to try the Quick Start from iiswsgi to install a Pyramid project under IIS.

Wanting to do things the right way, most of my work has been on a generalized WSGI server which acts as an FCGI gateway to IIS and a set of distutils commands for building and distributing Web Deploy packages. See my previous post on WebPI for more of the history and the iiswsgi README.rst for more details. In the meantime, please test this stuff!

Between my last post and now, I’ve overcome most of the hurdles to a sufficient degree that I think that the solutions, workarounds, or hacks involved are good enough to use as our Windows story. In particular, the hacks I have to use to find the right APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH after install and the workaround I use to register the IIS FCGI application I think are robust enough to rely upon even if it’s horrible that we have to use them.

Those of you who have offered help with this Windows stuff, I’m so sorry about my delays in following up with y’all. There’s just been an endless number of points between the state of things at the time and where I had to get things in order to provide you specific things to test and a way to test them. At any rate, the time is now, so please all of you who contacted me or who I was put in touch with, test it now and look at the Known Issues for stuff you might be able to help with. And if you have a MS suppport contract, please submit support requests as I’ve described there.

I have one last note I hope isn’t in poor tastes. I have put way too much of my own time into this thing, so recouping anything would be a help. Here’s my gittip page, my PayPal is my email and I’m open to any other suggestions as to how I might get some compensation for this. All that said, it has been a labor of… well, not love for the work, but certtainly love for the community. :-) You know what I mean so it’s fine if nothing comes of it.


Quick Start

The iiswsgi distribution includes two sample IIS apps which can be installed through WebPI once the custom feed has been added:

  1. ATM, requires a machine with svn.exe and git.exe on the PATH since it requires a couple of unreleased fixes.

  2. Install and Launch Web Platform Installer

  3. Use the search box in the upper-right to search for Web Matrix

  4. Click add next to the most recent Web Matrix entry, then Install in the lower-right and follow the instructions

  5. Open the Options dialog by clicking the link on the lower-right

  6. Under Custom Feeds, add the URL for latest *.webpi.xml file from the Plone release to install and click Add feed

  7. Under Which Web Server…?, check IIS Express and then click OK

  8. Use the search box in the upper-right to search for Plone

  9. Click add next to Plone Application then Install in the lower-right and follow the instructions

Updated on 30 October 2012

Imported from Plone on Mar 15, 2021. The date for this update is the last modified date in Plone.


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